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Smilinic offer you a full experience from private transportation, five stars hotel, and top-notch treatment and technique. Our finest medical crew and a full operation post-op department will guide you through your stay here at your serve 7/7.

Turkey for optic treatment.

Recently Turkey is known as one of the top destination for optic cure that provide high quality services and treatment. By choosing Turkey, you get the chance not only to explore one country but also a variety of cultures and traditions. Our team of expert surgeons are using the most cutting-edge technology. Coming to turkey will allow to you get the best surgery certified high tech technology for better sight. In case of any queries, our medical team is happy to help you diagnose the issue and enjoy your time.

Reasons why you should get an eye surgery

The feeling of not using an optic glass all the time is the most exciting feeling that you can ever experience. In addition, you will be free to engage in work or leisure activities that cannot be done while wearing glasses.

Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.

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Yes, a medical consultant will accompany you before, during and after the operation to make sure you meet all your needs and answers all your questions.

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Worry not ! Your accommodation and transportation within the city will be arranged in advance by our skillful logistics team.

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ClinicExpert will never give you promises that will never be realized, but will provide clear information about the expected results.

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When should my childs eyes be examined?

Most physicians prescribe vision tests as part of a child's medical examination. They may refer a child to see an eye doctor (aka ophthalmologist) if there is any visible sign of a vision problem.

Pediatricians recommend the first eye test for children to take place in hospital - as part of their routine post-treatment checkup. A pediatrician or physician will also check your children's vision during a routine well-child exam, usually at two, four and six months of age. Later amblyopia and alignment screenings should take place between the ages of three-years-old and four years old and then yearly thereafter.

When should an adults eyes be examined?
It's important to monitor your eyesight by getting an eye exam. For adults, this should be done every three-five years or whenever a noticeable change occurs. Young adults (ages 20 - 39) should have their eyes examined once a year.
  • Adults aged (40-64 year olds) should have their eyes examined every two-four years.
  • Seniors (over 65 years of ages) should have their eyes examined every year to two years

High risk adults include:

  • with diabetes
  • with glaucoma or strong family history of glaucoma
  • with AIDS/HIV

What is visual acuity?

The Acuity of the eye is the measure of its ability to identify and distinguish the minutest details and shapes in symbolic or written form at a distance of 20 feet. This measurement is typically given in decimal form. The top number refers to the distance in feet, while the bottom number denotes the visual distance. So, perfect vision is 20/20.

What is Myopia ?

Myopia is often called "short-sightedness" or "near-sighted." But it can be corrected with good contact lenses, eyeglasses, or surgical techniques.

What is Hyperopia ?

Hyperopia is often referred to as "long-sightedness" or "far-sighted". Generally, hyperopia is when the eye is too short for the focal point. (ie an emmetropic eye or eye requiring no optical correction) or this is because the eye's power of sight is weaker than the distance. The focus is correctly adjusted using a "plus" lens power or convex lens.

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